How to send money to India from the UK

For the many Indian expats living and working in the UK, being able to send money to friends and family back home is very important. With so many ways to send money to India from the UK, such as banks, money transfer providers and high street exchanges, it’s hard to know the best option. Read

Moving Your Money Abroad – The Do’s and Don’ts

When you’re moving something as precious as your money from point A to B, it’s key to be careful and cautious. Whether you’re a freelancer moving money overseas, a student studying in another country, a UK citizen buying a retirement property abroad, or simply sending a gift to loved ones back home, we’ve got the

Lebara Money Transfer is one (and counting)

Lebara Money Transfer has been transferring money all over the world for a year now - and what a year it’s been. Our mission has always been to make it easier, more convenient and better value to send money home, and over the course of the year have made some enhancements to our service to